Claudina Agrias
Scientific Name Agrias claudina
Describer H. Bates, 1860
Kingdom animalia
Class Unknown
Order lepidoptera
Family nymphalidae
Distribution Venezuela and Guyana to Bolivia.
Size 8.89 cm
Alternative Names Godart's Agrias
Regional Names

the claudina agrias is a splendid species of agrias


pinned specimen


This species is found in deciduous and evergreen forest at altitudes between about 200-600m.


The eggs are smooth, globular and laid singly on leaves of the foodplants. The caterpillar when fully grown is olive brown, plump, and tapers toward the posterior which is adorned with a pair of twisted caudal tails. The neck is narrow, and the head is very large in proportion to the body. All Agrias sp are thought to feed on Erythroxylum ( Erythroxylaceae ). There are also unconfirmed records of Myrtaceae and Quiinaceae being used. The larvae feed nocturnally, and rest by day on twigs of the foodplants. The chrysalis is pale green, rotund, with a dorsal hump, and tapers sharply toward the stout cremaster and the bifid head. It is suspended from a stem or leaf of the foodplant.


The butterflies spend most of their lives high in the canopy, and are normally only observed if they are attracted to decomposing fruit, rotting fish, or other bait laid along forest tracks or trails. They are only active in hot conditions

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