Princess Stephanie's Astrapia
Scientific Name Astrapia stephaniae
Describer (Finsch & A.B. Meyer, 1885)
Kingdom Animalia
Class Aves
Order Passeriformes
Family Paradisaeidae
Distribution Papua new guinea
Size 37 cm long
Alternative Names
Regional Names 20px-Japan(シロジクオナガフウチョウ)Flagofchinasmall(公主长尾风鸟)

Princess Stephanie's Astrapia, Astrapia stephaniae, also known as Stephanie's Astrapia, is a moderately sized bird of paradise, around 37 cm long.

Hybrids between Stephanies astrapia and the Ribbon-tailed Astrapia, in the small area where their ranges overlap, are named Barnes' Astrapia.

Princess Stephanie's Astrapia was discovered by Carl Hunstein in 1884. It is only found in the mountain forests in central and eastern Papua New Guinea. It was named in honor of Princess Stéphanie of Belgium, the wife of Prince Rudolf of Austria, who coincidentally the Blue Bird of Paradise was named after.