Swamp Tiger
Scientific Name Danaus affinis
Describer Fruhstorfer 1899
Kingdom Animalia
Class Unknown
Order Lepidoptera
Family Nymphalidae
Distribution tropical Asia
Size 60 - 70mm
Alternative Names The Malay Tiger
Regional Names 20px-Japan(アフィニスカバマダラ afinisukabamadara)

danaus affinis or the Swamp tiger is a nymphalid butterfly.they feed on Ischnostemma selangorica


  • Danaus affinis atchinii
  • Danaus affinis suwajii
  • Danaus affinis affinis

life cycleEdit

similar speciesEdit

It can be mistaken for Danaus melanippus, but can be distinguished by the much reduced white markings on the hindwings, which also display some orange markings, the same colour as the forewing.


Genus Danaus
Known species

Danaus affinis - Danaus chrysippus - Danaus cleophile - Danaus dorippus - Danaus eresimus - Danaus erippus - Danaus genutia - Danaus gilippus - Danaus ismare - Danaus melanippus- Danaus petilia - Danaus plexippus -