Dorippus Tiger
Scientific Name Danaus dorippus
Describer Klug, 1845
Kingdom animalia
Class Unknown
Order lepidoptera
Family Nyphalidae
Distribution Eastern and Southern Africa
Size 60–80 millimetres (2.4–3.1 in)
Alternative Names
Regional Names

Danaus dorippus, common name Dorippus Tiger, is a butterfly belonging to the danaine group of the Brush-footed butterflies family.


Danaus dorippus was formerly regarded as a subspecies of Danaus chrysippus, the Plain Tiger or African Monarch. It is now regarded as a distinct species. It appears (from analysis of mtDNA sequences, which are only inherited from the mother) that the Dorippus Tiger is the product of an ancient lineage of Danaus hybridizing with Plain Tiger females. As the Plain Tiger is known to be parasitized at least occasionally by Spiroplasma bacteria which selectively kill off male hosts, a subsequent scarcity of Plain Tiger males might have led to this hybridization and the evolution of the Dorippus Tiger. From the color pattern of this species, it can be assumed that the ancient lineage had no black apex on the forewings, as this character is still absent in D. dorippus.

similar speciesEdit

it is very similar to danaus chrysippus except that d.dorippus is lacking the black apex.

Genus Danaus
Known species

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